Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Berg Lee's experience with THE ELEPHANT AND THE SEA 《大象与海》与李承运的故事


Our main actor, Berg Lee, posted his experience with THE ELEPHANT AND THE SEA shoot on his personal blog. Painful to read.

Read it here (in Chinese).

(To those who don't know Chinese:

Berg had some skin problems during the shoot, there was a boil on his nose (that was integrated into the script). During that period of time, he consulted numerous doctors, and finally found out that it was viral infection that left numerous scars and boils on his skin, most notably his nose.

He took a break after the shoot, and the break lasted for nearly a year. Good thing he's back again!

Even my friend Vanes (of the band Dian Bang) who attended the press screening last week definitely thinks that Berg's cute.)

《大象与海》男主角李承运在他的个人部落上描述了本片与他的故事。 那时候的他皮肤出现状况, 尤其是鼻子。 但现在已经完全痊愈了! 我的朋友VANES (大马独立乐队‘电棒’的主音!)上个星期去了首映礼后, 跟我说她简直是被承运迷倒了!