Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Sin Chew Daily's THE ELEPHANT AND THE SEA Write-up 星洲日報: 《大象與海》國際影展收穫豐‧鍾國強含蓄演漁夫



Sin Chew Daily had a write-up about THE ELEPHANT AND THE SEA's press conference last week. Click the link above!

I'll do a quick translation about the interview part for those who don't know Chinese:

(During the shoot, Berg Lee had to do a lot of research to understand the eccentricity of his character. It was also challenging for him because, despite the numerous motorbike scenes in the film, he didn't actually know how to ride a bike, and had to learn while he was there.

Berg also said that he got to improve his English while working with Ming Jin.

Ming Jin said that he had improved his own Chinese skills as well.

Actress Ng Meng Hui played a village girl, but due to the fact that she grew up in the city, she had to observe and study the mannerisms and daily lives of females living in rural areas so that she could do what Ming Jin wanted her to do.

Veteran actor Chung Kok Keong played the fisherman. After many years of acting on television, where they emphasize more on exaggerated mannerisms from actors, his first involvement in an independent film was a completely opposite experience. He wasn't allowed to react much at all!")