Monday, 18 August 2008

Woo Ming Jin Interview at Twitch

"What inspired The Elephant and the Sea was the JE (Japanese Enciphlitis) outbreak in Ipoh (my hometown) during the 1999 period, where all the pigs died, and also many farmers. People stopped eating pork for like a year. That was the starting point. I was living in Ipoh then, so it was something I took away."

The Visitor interviewed Ming Jin for the awesome Twitch site.

Check out the interview, 'Woo Ming Jin, Director Of THE ELEPHANT AND THE SEA, Talks About El Mariachi, Dead Pigs And Pachyderm'.

哈罗。 又是我, 毅恒! 这里快要变成我的个人部落了。 -_-'

胡明进导演现在正在纽约探亲, 但是你可以去阅读TWITCH电影网站对胡导演的专访。 请多支持!