Monday, 2 June 2008


Heya all,

I'm the associate producer of the THE ELEPHANT AND THE SEA. I came in during post-production, many months after a rougher cut of the film had already made its world premiere in last year's Rotterdam Film Festival. Joining Greenlight Pictures nearly a year ago, my main task was really to secure a local theatrical release for the film, and also to 'clean things up' before sending the film to the Censorship Board.

I snipped off 15 minutes from the film. Aside from two sex scenes which we knew wouldn't make the cut, I snipped off a minute or so from many different scenes, which were really unnoticeable cuts that was to help tighten the pacing of the film. THE ELEPHANT AND THE SEA was noted in foreign reviews for its minimal use of music (one at the middle, one in the end), there's already a really moody guitar track composed by Ronnie Khoo. Ming Jin and I figured that we want to make the theatrical version slightly different from the festival one, so I also composed additional tracks for the film.

The video below is a preview of one of the tracks I composed.

THE ELEPHANT AND THE SEA soundtrack preview

Edmund Yeo
Associate Producer (and Composer :P)