Saturday, 21 June 2008


"The Elephant and the Sea" has just won the BEST DIRECTOR award at the recently concluded DIBA Digital Barcelona Film Festival in Spain. This marks the 4th award for the film!! After more than a year touring the international festival circuit, the film will hit the Cathay Cineplex at Cineleisure Curve this 21th August 2008!

Here is a link to the award listing on the site. It's in Spanish.


Q: What is your name?

A: Lesly leon lee.

Q: Are you related to Leon Lai?

A: No.

Q: Describe your role in the film The Elephant and the Sea.

A: I helped to build props. The fish cage, bazooka. And I crew for parts of the film.

Q: How did you build the bazooka? There were rumors you bought it from the Thai black market.

A: Of course rumors are not always true. Actually I used two pvc pipes.

Q: Does the bazooka actually work? I hear it was fired in the film.

A: Yes it did fire. But it wasn’t actual explosives. We used some fireworks.

Q: You WHAT? Fireworks? I thought film productions will usually fire real explosives. Not fake them. That's really disappointing to hear.

A: Actually we did fire some real bazooka rounds, during the preproduction period. But we lost too many extras. So we decided to use lower grade fireworks.

Q: By “lose extras” do you actually mean people died?

A: No comment.

Q: Were you disappointed that the scene did not make the final cut?

A: No. I had fun doing it.

Q: Did you enjoy watching The Elephant and the Sea? I heard you fell asleep during the movie.

A: I was a bit tired and there were some slow bits...

Q: Well I’ll be happy to inform you the new version is 14 minutes shorter and has more music. Would you pay to see this film in the theaters?

A: I would.

Q: Would you pay to see it twice, even if you are invited to the premiere?

A: Ming Jin asks me to say I would and I would bring my friends with me.

Q: Do you personally feel that this movie will set a record in the Malaysian box office?

A: I hope it will. I want it to. But… I don’t think it will happen.

Q: Are you a half empty or half full kind of person?

A: I used to be a half full kinda guy. Then I grew up.

Q: Thank you for your time.