Monday, 30 June 2008


My three lovely "biatches" from the TV movie

Hi folks!

Hope you all had a nice weekend. Mine was alright. Since our TV shoot is on a one week break, I got a chance to do a few things.

On Saturday I attended the KL Urbanscapes, organized by KLUE. Went to KLPAC for the second time, and there were loads of people. My film, "Kurus", played there, along with some of my short films. I sneaked into the screening and it was quite a full house. The only thing was people were coming in and out of the theatre (including meself haha), since it was an "all day fest" like atmostphere, but people were laughing at the right places and it was a light and jovial mood all around. I was happy to see lots of old and new friends.

Also, Da Huang set up a booth to sell dvds, and of course my dvd THE FOUR, which you can get at, sold like hot cakes! When I left, the 500 or so copies they brought were almost completely sold out! I also had the chance to sign a few copies that people bought.

Here I am posing with my dvd. A BIG thank you to Da Huang for all the hard work in designing and putting out the DVD!

On Sunday, a more important event was happening... A DOG FAIR! I brought my best pal/dog Oscar to the dog olympics in Central Park, ONE UTAMA. This is like the 6th or 7th time he's been to the fair (which is held every quarter or so), so when I asked him to get into the car yesterday morning, he was excited like all hell broke loose!

This is not Oscar.

Of course, Oscar's main objective in these events is pretty straight forward: to mount as many willing female dogs as he can. I have to say though, his success rate is pretty low. Most owners, especially those with snotty dogs whom they treat like humans, won't really take to Oscar trying to "mount" their "baby". Once when my pal Chelsia brought along her shih tzu, Oscar had a go at her for almost an hour, and still failed. Oscar has short legs. Or he must not be that smart. I don't know. But I feel for him in these kind of situations. Anyway he's a friendly dog and wants to get to know everyone. If you ever see Oscar and gave him a smile he'd come to you wagging his tail and jump all over you. He don't care who or what you are. If people were all like him, this would be a great place to live in.

Oscar the gangsta dog with unidentified pom.

LASTLY, below is the artwork for the tickets to "THE ELEPHANT AND THE SEA". We will be preselling these tickets to the public in the next few weeks! Anyone interested in helping me sell tickets, please tell me! Your help is totally appreciated from the bottom of my heart and I'd sing a song here if I could.
Ticket stub that says "BUY ME! BUY ME!"

I like the artwork. That's essentially the poster too. I'm a little worried that people might mistake the film for a cartoon, and when the see the film they'd want their money back... mmm... I must remember to leave Edmund's tel no. in the ticket stub... haha... kidding.